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VLAN 2800 and 3800 for Benchmark

I need to bechmark a 2800 and a 3800 to get a thermal characteristic. From what I understand I can setup VLANs and transfer a couple huge ISOs to exersise the cisco's, and the VLANs would push the file(s) through the entire switch. If I am way off base, I am very open for suggestions, but if I am on the right track can you guys help me out with this. I am an EE, but there is no-one else in the company that has any idea what they are doing, so I get to do it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!


Re: VLAN 2800 and 3800 for Benchmark

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Re: VLAN 2800 and 3800 for Benchmark

Out of the box, 2800 and 3800, which are routers, don't support VLANs. The only exception is when/if you install switching module into those routers, then you can create VLANs on them.

Since you're trying to push the routers to the limit, ideally, you'd disable all performance enhancing features such as CEF and fast switching so that the router's CPU will do all the work. This way, the thermal output _should_ also be higher. The following is a high-level check-list you can use as a guideline.

1. Connect both routers with cross-over via their 1st Ethernet ports

2. Connect a PC at each end of the router with a crossover to the router's 2nd Ethernet ports

3. Configure IP addresses on each router-PC pair so that they can communicate.

4. Configure static routes on both routers to allow the other to learn the IP subnet of the 2nd Ethernet ports

5. Disable CEF and fast-switching on the Ethernet ports with the command "no ip route-cache". Confirm that "Process Switching" is used by entering the command "sh ip int fa0/0" or "sh ip int gi0/0".

6. Copy HUGE amount of data across from PC1 to PC2.


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