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vlan access map with mac address filter

On a 3550 (IOS 12.1(13)EA1a)switch. I have vlan 1,102,103 and 104. Layer 3 is enabled. I have created a mac access list LOCALMACHINES with about 20 mac addresses.

I created a vlan access map LOCALACCESS with the following entries :

match mac address LOCALMACHINES, action forward. Then applied this with the vlan filter LOCALACCESS vlan-list 1,102-104. This allowed only these machines on the vlans.

This worked fine.

I have now copied the exact same config to a 3560 (IOS 12.2(25)SEB). When all machines and the switch are powerd on, they have no access. They get an ip address from DHCP and that's it.

It's like if you apply the filter, everything is blocked to everywhere.

Any help would be greately appreciated.

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Re: vlan access map with mac address filter

Since you're sure that the same configuration is applied to 3560 which worked fine in 3550, I dont think the problem is with accesslist configuration.So, based on your info, since all hosts are connected via 3560,I suspect the problem is with switch h/w or s/w config. You just send me the running config(sh run) of 3560. Let me know, was this 3560 a functional(working condition) switch before?

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