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VLAN and remote site bridging

I have two VLAN's (VLAN A and VLAN B) that I need to bridge together to pass Netbeui traffic. I currently have the two VLAN's bridged via a ieee bridge group. The problem that I am encountering is when I go to my network places (in VLAN A) I am not able to see the devices in VLAN B, and vice versa. I am assuming that bridging should alleviate this issue. The router that is performing the bridging is a 3640 recently upgraded to 12.2(13)T.

I got to looking around the bridge commands and noticed a "vlan-bridge" protocol, would changing my ieee bridge to this type rectify my issue?

Now for the possible problem with this scenario, I have a remote site (connected via 3 T-1's) that is running a legacy HP DTC that I am having to bridge to my VLAN A. HP has stated that this has to be an ieee bridge. This brings up another question, how many bridge groups can I have per VLAN?

Thank you

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Re: VLAN and remote site bridging

Your network is fine. The problem can be solved with a wins server. This allows you to browse any PC, on any network in the domain.

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Re: VLAN and remote site bridging


I have a WINS server sitting on VLAN A. I guess I don't understand why on VLAN B I cannot see devices for VLAN A in My Network Places via Windows browsing. Is there something I am missing here? Would I possibly need a helper address on the VLAN B sub-interface? I don't think so, but I'm not sure.

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