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Vlan and Trunking

Hi !!!

If i go to PC B & C and and say ipconfig i get ip thro dhcp in 10.100.100.x range and works fine with all authentication.

Now if i go to PC A as shown in the diagram attached, and say IP config.I want to get the ip config result in the same series as PC B &C of IP: 10.100.100.x



Do in need to create any Vlans and trunk between HP procurve 2650 and 4108Gl and how to connect again to HP 2626.

Pls explain with basic steps i need to do for communication to happen between hp 2650 and hp 2626.Pls send me sample configuration with all basic steps.

This is the first time iam configuring Vlans and Trunking in switches. Actually in the 2650 switch 1port is for a PC to connect to 10.100.100.x IP Network and the remaining 47 ports are used PC to connect to 10.20.227.X network. Is this setup possible Pls ask if u need any other details




Re: Vlan and Trunking

Hi Friend,

I really dont know the commands to configure the trunks on the HP switches, but yes you have to create all the vlans on all the switches and also trunk them together. You should have the both the vlans on 2650 and your PC should be in the same vlan as PC B & C on 2650 and you have to create that vlan on it and also on 41908GL and then trunk them all together.

HTH, Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

Re: Vlan and Trunking

Hi Raj,

I noticed you posted this question 3 times and did not got any reply, the reason why because you have all HP switches in your network and this is a cisco technology related forum.

If you are ok I can guide you waht all you have to do but configuration part you have to take care or might be someone in this forum can give you sample confgi as i don't know how to configure hp switches.

If you are ok with that answer my questios below

1) Which switch and port and vlan your DHCP server is connected ?

2) Which vlan your PC A is connected?

3) Does your 4108GL switch doing any intervlan routing which means routing between different vlans?

4) I see on 4108GL switch is connected to some l3 port on blue box on top whose ip address is so I waan know the port on 4108GL is on which vlan?



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