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VLAN Bandwidth Management

Can i manage bandwidth for a VLAN, I mean can i fix a Bandwidth on VLAN, e.g,

If i apply 250Kbps for a VLAN 101 , evry client shared this bandwidth, if total customer in VLAN 100 is 10, each use 25Kbps bandwidth .

Thank You.


Re: VLAN Bandwidth Management

Hi there,

Yes you can do this, but you would do it in QoS. In the class-map you would match on either the vlan or the IP address and then in the policy-map, you would shape to 250k on the egress ports on the box

That would sort it.


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Re: VLAN Bandwidth Management

Thank You for a response,

I have a 3550(VTP mode Server) where all VLANs are established, and other 2950(VTP Mode Client) are connected with this 3550 Switch, If i developed a policy of 250Kbps on a 3550 accross a VLAN will it start to work ?

Re: VLAN Bandwidth Management

Hey there,

Yes it will - providing you've got the layer 3 functionality. In the class map, match on either the vlan or ref. an access list and grab the network range. The other vlans/networks will not be referenced and will take as much bandwidth as they can (as per normal)


Re: VLAN Bandwidth Management


Which switch do you have. Cat45K and 65K supports vlan rate limiting. Please see the link below:

HTH, Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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