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Vlan Config

I have a cisco 4006 switch which had 3 Vlan's configured. There is a cisco 3640 router routing between the three vlans. The supervisor failed on the 4006 and was replaced. I recreated the vlan's( vlan1,2 and 3). When I assign a port to a vlan other than Vlan 1 I cannot access the network. Any suggestions?


Re: Vlan Config

Kind of depends on what you mean by "access the network". Can vlan1 get to the rotuer? Can it get beyond the router? Can the others ping other devices in the same vlan? Can they ping the router?

Make sure the vlans match the ones referenced in the encapsulation statements in the router. Also verify the trunk configuration to the router.

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Re: Vlan Config

Vlan 1 can get to the router and beyond. There is no encapsulation statements on the router. Others can ping any device on Vlan1. What's hapenning is everyone is now on Vlan 1 and all DHCP addresses that were assigned for vlan 1 is being used up.


Re: Vlan Config

How is the 3640 routing? Does it have 3 connections to the switch or one? If one then it has to be on a trunk and the router needs a subinterface for each vlan. Each subint has an encapsulation statement that specifies the encap type and the vlan number.

If three then make sure their switch ports are in the correct vlans. Did you move everyone to vlan 1 because you could not get the others working?

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