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Vlan connectivity issue

I made two vlans on 2950 vlan 1 (by default) and vlan 2 which i made it.

vlan 1 ip address is and vlan 2 ip address is

i have connected 2 PC's one in vlan 1 which has ip address and second in vlan 2 which has ip adress .PC one can ping vlan 1 but PC 2 cannot ping vlan 2 which is

also how i make a trunk b/w switch and router..does any body give me sample configuration .


Re: Vlan connectivity issue

What router are you using for your inter-vlan routing ? Can you post the config that you have on the router ?


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Re: Vlan connectivity issue


i am using 3600 series router but i think this not the router end problem because i just made a simple vlan on 2950 and add 1 port in it and connect the PC on that port ,i simply ping from PC to switch vlan IP and it did'nt happened.!


Re: Vlan connectivity issue

Let me guess... you assigned the address to interface VLAN1 on the switch and this is the address you can ping from the PC in VLAN 1. The reason this works is that this address now becomes part of the management VLAN for the switch.

To configure the link between the router and the switch, do the following:

On the switch:

interface fastethernet 0/10

! change the interface number to the interface that connects to the router

switchport mode trunk

On the router:

interface fastethernet 0/0.2

! change the interface number to the interface that connects to the switch

encapsulation dot1q 2

ip address

Then, you should be able to ping the from the PC in vlan 2.

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Re: Vlan connectivity issue

You can only have 1 ip address on a 2950 switch, this is used to manage the switch only. This is a layer 2 switch and cannot route between vlans . If you did a show ip int brief you would see that one interface is up and the other is down , this is by design . You need a router or l2/3 switch to route between vlans..

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Re: Vlan connectivity issue

Thanx a million .so u said that in 2950 we can create actually by default it is only 1 vlan and we only give IP on it but what if we want to create another vlan and assign IP address.

Re: Vlan connectivity issue


in case you need inter-VLAN routing one option is to get a router connected through a trunk to the 2950. The router will have one IP per VLAN subinterface. Or you get a L3-switch like the 3560, 3750 and so on.

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Regards, Martin

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