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VLAN Interfaces

We are doing interVLAN routing on our Core 6509 in I guess you would call a hybrid scenerio; Cat0S on SUP and IOS on MSFC2. We monitor all of our interfaces bandwidth utilization using an SNMP utility. Can somebody tell me why on the VLAN interfaces the input and output rates don't show up correctly?? I can monitor the sub-interface on our Core router where all the VLANS are routed through and I get the correct input and output rates, but for the most part on the VLAN interfaces it only shows a minimal amount of traffic hitting those particular VLAN interfaces? Is it not possible to get the correct input and output rates on virtual interfaces?? Am I missing something basic??


Re: VLAN Interfaces

Because those are layer 3 interfaces and most traffic never even sees the supervisor on these , it is all hardware switched on the card . For input and output rates look at your layer 2 ports for traffic counts.

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Re: VLAN Interfaces

I have already checked this as well. All that shows me is the number in and out packets or the number of in and out octets. I don't see anything for bytes recieved or transmitted by looking at the layer 2 counters for a particular VLAN?

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