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Vlan Load Balancing

We have this scenario:

4003 - dwdm - 6509

| |

3548 - dwdm - 6509

Both 6509's are the core switchs. The 4003 is the primary distribution switch and 3548 is the secundary distribution switch. Now we have the VLAN 2,10,46,100. This vlans is running through the primary switch. We would like to load balance the Vlan traffic between the 4003 and 3548 switch.

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Re: Vlan Load Balancing

Detail. There`s a connection between the 2 6509. Above we don`t see it. The spantree is running clean, but it don`t make the load balancing.

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Re: Vlan Load Balancing

You can configure either PVST (Per VLAN Spanning-tree) or MST (Multiple Spanning Tree) to accomplish this:

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Re: Vlan Load Balancing

Yes, I've had read this page, but I need a command or something like that (samples). The problem is: the primary distribution switch (4003) uses a CatOS like the core switchs (6509), but the distribution switch (3538) uses a IOS. How can I use the PVST or MST to redefine the Spantree calculation between this distribution switchs ? If I use two distribution switchs running CatOS, no problem, I would have the solution !


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