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VLAN Modes


I have Cisco2950 switch (A) configured as a VLAN client.It is getting all the vlan info from another Switch (B) configured as a server.

I want to create and configure one more VLAN in switch A.

This VLAN will communicated within itself only.

If i change switch A VLAN mode to server it will then losse all other global informations.

I will have to configure it as a transparent mode.

Am I going in the right direction.

Pleae suggest. Regards



Re: VLAN Modes

Hi Vikranth,

is switch B a layer 3 switch? if so, u can create the additional vlan in switch B itself, so that the additional vlan information will also b reflected in switch A, if you don't want the additionally created vlan to communicate with other vlan's, juz create a access-list. if you configure a layer 3 switch as vlan server & Note: if u enable "ip routing" all vlan's will interconnect(by default ip routing is not enabled in layer switch), since you say that additionally created vlan's alone should not communicate with other vlan's, u need to have access-list on the layer 3.

Hope this helps, if not, please lemme know, i can provide additional in detail.


Re: VLAN Modes


if you have just 2 switches, please set VTP transparent mode on both, then copy the vlan database from switch B to switch A, and add vlans on switch A.

if your L2 topology is more complicated, please let me know. If not, yep, you're going in the right direction.




Re: VLAN Modes

the other option is to just create the vlan in the database on the server side , this gets propagated to the client switch and you just populate the access ports you want in that vlan . Unless you put user ports into that created vlan on the server side they will just talk with each other on the client side . I wouldn't make it harder than it needs to be...

Re: VLAN Modes


you don't need to change switch A to server or transparent mode.

you can create Layer 2 VLAN on switch B server. That VLAN will be propogated to Switch A. You can then assign switchports to that VLAN. that should work for you ....

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Re: VLAN Modes

Dear Sourabh,

Thanks for your reply.

I donot want any traific to and form this newly created VLAN to travel anywhere in the netwrok. All packets should be confined to the switch A.

All hosts connected to the assigned switchports should be able to talk to each other only.



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