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VLAN over Multiservice network

Heres the scenario:

Branch A and B is connected over Frame Relay and does have a voice service thru E&M interfaces. Branch A runs Citrix and any other applications that Branch B can run in there network. Now branch B wants to create 2 VLANs in there local network and still wants these 2 VLANs to communicate to Branch A. Do I still need to implement these VLANs also in Branch A for it to work? They have established trust relationship in betwwen there domains which i dont want to get disconnected. And they have different managing IT depts thats y i want to implement this to Branch B alone.

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Re: VLAN over Multiservice network

VLAN stands for Virtual Local Area Network, the word Local there is the answer to your question. Yes the VLANs will stay local at branch B, you don't need them at A. But you will need Layer 3 service ie. routing. What type of router do you have? If it's a Cisco 1700,2600,3600 with a Fast Ether int then you can implement ISL and trunk the VLANs to the ether port on the router and build Subint's on the router to route. You can then implement ACL's on each sub int to control traffic, create helper addresses for broadcast services etc.

Hope that helps.


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