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VLAN Problem with CE500

We have got a CE500 switch that connected to our backbone switch (2950), we've configured the gigabit port as trunk on native vlan and created two different vlans (vlan21 assigned to port1 and vlan22 assigned to port2. now the trunk port is able to carry only vlan21 not the other vlans. please advice what could be the cause of that?

For now I’ve configured port 1&2 in the same vlan (vlan21) just to get this link up and running.

your help is highly appreciated…

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Re: VLAN Problem with CE500

Can you send the running config then I can tell you where can be a problem.

How you configured with the fllwoing commands

Switchpoart mode trunk

Switchpoart trunk allow vlan 21, 22


Re: VLAN Problem with CE500


in addition to Shoaib´s post, it might be worth mentioning that the CE500 supports VTP transparent mode only, which means that all your VLAN´s need to be created in the local database of the CE500, can you check if that is the case ?



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Re: VLAN Problem with CE500

the CE500 can be configured through GUI only (no telnet/CLI). so i've configured the smartport role as switch for the gigabit interface and on the port status tab i can see the port is configured as trunk but there's no space to allow the trunk to carry specific vlans. (just configured as a trunk)

and all the VLANs are created on the local database as well.

I've tried creating another vlans but vlan21 is the only one that carried on the trunk port.

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Re: VLAN Problem with CE500

Problem solved.

the problem was with the vlan22 as it was not created on the backbone switch, only vlan21. so i've created vlan22 and everything works fine...

Thanks all for your help...

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