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Vlan problem

Hi! Can i delete the vlan and recreate it? I've this problem here. I got a physical interface(with subinterfaces) that is configured for vlan routing, but i decided to clear the config at the physical config and move it to the subinterface with dot1q encapsulation. I've tried doing that and it didn't work(host in that vlan can only ping themself and not even the gateway which is I think that's because that vlan was previously created using native vlan on the physical interface. So the new subinterface is not able to trasmit the office vlan that's of native vlan.

I was thinking of deteling the existing .9 office network vlan and recreate it. I'm using 2950 series switch and 2621 router. Any advise?



Re: Vlan problem


Try creating a dummy vlan not used anywhere and make that the native vlan on both the router and the switch. see if that works. otherwise you might need to reboot the router since deleting a sub-interface does not really remove the sub-interface until the router is rebooted.

New Member

Re: Vlan problem

Hi! I'm not deleting the sub-interface, i'm moving the vlan from the physical interface to the subinterface. I can't delete the physical interface, the router/switch somehow still remember the native vlan/physical interface after i move them to the sub-interface. I've tried creating a new vlan on the switch and a subinterface on the router for that new vlan, and it works fine.

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