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VLAN Routing Issue. Please Help!

I am having a VLAN issue and hope someone can offer design advice. I have one LAN - no vlans yet and everything is on VLAN1, the default. I also have one 2621 Router that goes to my WAN links and is the Default Gateway for clients. The router runs EIGRP. I want to enable VLANs for Wireless, which requires an 802.1q trunk to a switch. I found that if I enable my second ethernet interface on the 2621 router and put a subnet on it, then I get error messages due to the fact that EIGRP "sees" itself. So, if were to not use that itnerface and just trunk my FA interface that is already up and running for the LAN, then i find that I cannot to that either since it wants to have a separate subnet for each VLAN and one has to be identified as "native" which is VLAN1, but vlan1 is not on a separate subnet!!!! What do I do??? Is it really this difficult??? Should disble the EIGRP messages and proceed? What if I do not tell the 802.1q trunks that there is a native vlan, what will this do? should I use my interface that is already up for vlans? or separate it?


Re: VLAN Routing Issue. Please Help!

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