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Vlan routing

I have a 6509 running Cat0S and a 6513 running native IOS. I have configured trunking on the 6513 which I can see the 6509 via cdp and see vlan information from the 6509 but Im not able to ping the default gateway from the 6513. The default gateway is in the same subnet as the 6513 and 6509.

Have I done something incorrect? I configure the defaut gateway on the 6513 and configure Int vlan 1 on the 6513

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Re: Vlan routing

is your default gateway on 6509?. What about the VTP domain?

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Re: Vlan routing

the VTP domain is configure on the 6509 and is the server. The default gateway is the 6509

Re: Vlan routing

If they are in same subnet and the trunking is working, you should be able to ping each other.

On the native IOS, if vlan 1 is what is being defined on both switches, you should have the ip address configured under vlan 1 interface

On the hybrid, the CATOS sc0 interface should be configured with the ip address.

Can you paste a "sh int gi/fa x/y switchport" where gi or fa is for the interface (gigabit or fastE) and x and y are the module port numbers. The output of this command should show if the trunking is working properly (up and running).

Also would like to take a look at the configs on either ends.

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Re: Vlan routing

I talked to Cisco today and configured another 6513 exactly the same as the 6513 Im having problems with. The new 6513 is configured exactly like the first 6513, so we have come to an conclusion that the first 6513 is not sending it mac address to the 6509.

Unfortunetly, I do not know how to resolve this but TAC is resolving it slowly.

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