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VLAN Routing.

Ok, so I have my 1751V setup

and it appears to be running fine. The Fast 0/0 is set to and I have a VLAN2 setup so that all 4 ports on the WIC-4ESW are 10.10.12.X.

The Router can ping anything out anywhere on any port, but there seems to be no way to route between the 10.10.10.X and 10.10.12.X subnets.

Is this not possible? I'm spinning in confusion at this point.


Re: VLAN Routing.

Have you checked the default gateway on PCs on either vlans to ensure they are set properly ?

Can you do an extended ping from router to a PC on vlan 2, with the source address from vlan 1 ( and vice versa.

When you do a sh ip route ,do you see both subnets ?

New Member

Re: VLAN Routing.

I have checked the default gateways.

I can ping extended IPs on VLAN2 from my

built in FastEthernet0/0 at 10.10.10.X

I can see both subnets ( and from a sh ip route command....yes.

Re: VLAN Routing.

Can you paste your configs ? So does it time out when you try to ping from one vlan to another ?

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