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New Member

VLAN & STP issue

when i try to configure more than 64 vlans,i get the following error.. as far as i know the 2950 IE switch can work with 250 vlans,is it safe to disable stp?or i have to use MSTP? if yes does it affect the switch ?

%SPANTREE_VLAN_SW-2-MAX_INSTANCE: Platform limit of 64 STP instances exceeded. No instance created for VLAN532 (port Gi0/1).

New Member

Re: VLAN & STP issue


It seems that you are using MST in your network. Usually you should map many VLANs to one instance and then you will not exceed 64 instances. Try to configure MST by mapping couple of VLANs to one instance, that should work. Following you have an example:

spanning-tree mst configuration

name domain_name

revision 1

instance 1 vlan 1-20

instance 2 vlan 21-50

instance 3 vlan 100,120-150

The other question you should ask yourself as an administrator of that network. Do you really need MST as STP? MST is mostly very usfull in very big networks with plenty of VLANs becouse it reduce CPU and memmory load but it makes the troubleshooting harder. If you need to stay with MST plan it well.



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