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VLAN trunking question...

I'm building a new LAN for a 100 user/15 server branch office. We envision using Cat 2950C-24s as the access layer switches (for the 100bFX connections), and a 3550-48-EMI as the core/layer-3 switch.

We'll segment this branch office's LAN into 3 segments/VLANs, 2 segments/VLANs for the user community, and 1 segment/VLAN for the servers.

I plan to have the uplinks from the 2950C-24's to the 3550 trunk all 3 VLANs, but does the uplink from the 3550 core switch to the WAN router need to be trunked as well? I don't plan to extend the VLAN scheme in this branch office to the other offices.

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Re: VLAN trunking question...

If the 3500 is performing inter VLAN routing you will not need to trunk to the router. If the intervlan routing is being performed on the router, you will need to trunk to it. I am unfarmilliar with the 3550, but know that if it is performing inter VLAN routing, you will also need to make it adhear to your routing policy so that the mentioned router can advertise the segments.

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