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VLAN trunking

We want each user on the port of Cat1924/Cat2950 on saparate VLAN. These switches are getting aggragated at Cat4000. How many VLANs can Cat4000 can manage if it is used as L2 switch or if it is used as L3 with MSFC? Is it the max. no. of VLANs supported by a Cat4000 say 1024 or 1024 plus the number of VLANs being trunked to Cat4000?


Re: VLAN trunking

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Re: VLAN trunking

Yes the maximum number of VLAN's is 1024. You would run a dot 1q trunk from the 4000 to each 1924 or 2950. Then setup the routing between the VLAN's on the 4000. If you have a Sup1 for the 4000 you would make port channel sub-interfaces. If you use the latest router module the interfaces would be virtual interfaces like a MSFC on a 6000.

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