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I have a question concerning a network witch has vlans.

I have a switch on wich the common ressources are connected to (mailserver, internet server...) and i have also a vlan A and a second vlan B connected to the same switch. These two vlans must access to the common ressources. My question is do i need a special equipment (router for example) or do these two vlans will access to the common ressources with special config. If it is with config parameter could you tell me what is this parameter.Many thanks in advance


Re: vlan

To communicate between vlans, you need a layer 3 device such as a router. You can use an external router or if you have a switch which can take a layer 3 card (such as the 4000 and 6500 series switches from Cisco), they can do the routing between the vlans.

The following link might tell u more, how to route using an external router between vlans.

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Re: vlan

Thanks for your response but my question is not exactly the communication between two vlans but rather how the people included in my vlanA and people in my vlan B will access to the common ressources( these servers are not in a vlan). Is it automaticaly possible with no device between or is it a config parameter. I will be grateful if you could help me . Thanks

Re: vlan

If you are using a Cisco switch, all ports by default fall in vlan 1. So if you didnt put the server ports in any vlan, it will still fall in vlan 1. You have 2 more vlans A and B. So al together there are 3 vlans, 1, A and B (where A and B be any 2 numbers within 1 and 1000).

Like wise I told before, workstations in A and B vlans wont be able to access each other, as well as those servers because communication between vlans cannot happen with out routing by a layer 3 device.

So the answer is its not automatically possible. You need to configure it. Just a layer 2 switch alone cannot do the function. You need a layer 3 device for this.

People in vlan A and B will have to have a default gateway (which is the ip address of the router and the router will help the workstations in vlan A and B to access the common resources, which fall in vlan 1.

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Re: vlan

Many thanks for your reply and i understand now that the the vlan 1 is implicit.

It will be my first creation of vlan . Have a nice day

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