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VLANS and Switches

We recently purchased a new building (Bldg B) next door to our existing

building (Bldg A). We had the cable run between the two buildings and

connected to our core switch (Cisco 4006). We also have 4 vlans for the 12

floors in Bldg A. We initially wanted to create a new vlan for Bldg B, but

that didn't work out for some reason. So, we just added them to the

existing vlan that services the first 3 floors of Bldg A.

However, the users in Bldg B are having network problems that get worse as

the day goes on. They cannot always connect to the Exchange server or our

main file server (Netware 4.11). The consultants who did all the switch and

vlan work cannot seem to figure out what's wrong. They used the same

configs that are being used in Bldg A (which work fine) and according to

what they tell us, everything's in place and we shouldn't have any problems.

We are.

At any rate, I was wondering if any of you have done something similar or

have had a similar problem and could possibly shed some light on this for



Re: VLANS and Switches

What types of connections you have two building- They are channelled etc.

Also what software version you are running on the switches. What types of switches you are using on the access layer.. etc.

Please describe the problems in little detail.. Seems like you are running both IPX and IP ,, how many hosts are in each vlan.. etc

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