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VLANs in a VTP environment question

I have a real general question. I am trying to read up on this but I just want to make sure I got my stuff together.

In a VTP environment do you manually configure the ports on every switch with in your VTP domain with a VLAN number or does the VTP server automatically do this for you ?

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Re: VLANs in a VTP environment question


VTP Server will propogate the VLAN database to clients etc within the VTP domain. You need to manually add the ports you want to the VLAN you want them to belong to.

Assuming you have more than 1 vlan and you are happy that the VTP domain name and passwords are configured correctly:

You will want to do this....

On your switches that connect to your VTP server switch, you would need to configure the switch ports to belong to a certain VLAN (including your VTP server switch).

1 VLAN only:

If you only had VLAN 1 (the default) in your domain, then all switch ports, by default, belong to that vlan (out the box scenario).In this case, make sure that all VTP information is the same on your switches. Check VTP status on the VTP server and match it to the VTP clients output (your other switches), if they don't match (apart from client/server) then check your work. Go through a few posts down this list and see what pitfalls you need to be careful of when using VTP and adding a new switch to the domain!!!!It is important you understand this.Network health is at risk if you do not.

More than 1 vlan: you need to allocate the ports to the VLAN you want them to belong to.Do this on each individual switch.

Limiting the VLAN's on switches: If you only want some VLAN's on one switch and some on another, consider this when setting up your trunks to the switches. Remove the VLAN you don't want on a particular switch from the trunk. This solution would wholely depend on your topology (direct, single uplinks or cascaded/stacked etc...)

Your other option is to consider Dynamic VLAN's

Loads of examples on Cisco's web page and make sure you read and understand VTP configuration guide for your particular switch/s.





Re: VLANs in a VTP environment question

Thanks Rob.

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