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vlans on 2 switches


Our network's as follow :

router (2611XM) --- switch1 (2950G) ---- switch2 (2950T)

We've configured vlan 2,3 on switch1 and vlan 4,5 on switch2.

The router do intervlan routing :

IP: for vlan2

IP: for vlan3

IP: for vlan4

IP: for vlan5

on switch1, the port connected to router and switch2 are configured as trunk

on switch2, the port connected to switch1 are configured as trunk.

Users on vlan 2 and 3 can ping each other.

Users on vlan 4 / 5 can't ping /

When switch 2 is connected directly to the router, vlan 4 and 5 can ping each other.


Re: vlans on 2 switches


can you post show VTP status of both switches.

COuld be great if you post the config of all three


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Re: vlans on 2 switches

Here are the output of switches (show vtp status - sh run - sh interfaces trunk ) and router


Re: vlans on 2 switches

Modify the VTP domain name on SW1 and define all VLANs on it. After a short time SW2 will learn these settings (domain name also). I hope after this InterVlan routing will OK.



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Re: vlans on 2 switches

I don't really understand how it works.

i've changed vtp domaine name and added vlan on switch1, vlan 3 and vlan 4 could ping each other.

i've modified the pc's IP address and put it on vlan 2, it can't ping vlan 4.

could you give some url or more explanation , please ?

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Re: vlans on 2 switches

If you do a "show vlan brief" do you see all vlans properly? Are they active? In order for VTP to work correctly, both switches will need to be in the same vtp domain. I recommend making one switch a server and the other a client, be sure to set the non-server switch to transparent and then to client mode within your VTP domain.



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Re: vlans on 2 switches

I suggest configuring these switches as VTP server-client. The VTP server should be the switch connected to the router since this device will forward the VLANs that are known internally. It will not forward VLANs that reside in another database.

In order to fix your problem, follow these steps:

On Switch1:

config t

vtp domain cisco

vtp mode server

vlan 2

vlan 3

vlan 4

vlan 5


On Switch 2:

config t

vtp domain cisco

vtp mode client


Wait a minute or two and then issue SH VLAN on

switch 2, you should have all VLANs from switch1.

Make sure the port connected between switches is set

to trunk and verify if it's trunking with the command

sh int trunk.

Please let us know the outcome.

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Re: vlans on 2 switches

Thanks everybody.

It's working now

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