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vlans still showing shutdown

I have a 2924 switch which I have the default vlan (vlan1) created on it plus another additional vlan id 4. So in summary I have Vlan1 and Vlan 4 created on this switch. VLan 4 is still showing shutdown, even after I did a couple on no shutdown. Why is this? How do I rid shutdown on this vlan?

Cisco Employee

Re: vlans still showing shutdown

You can have only one VLAN interface up/up on a layer 2 switch such as 2924. Why would you want multiple VLAN interfaces up/up since a 2924 cannot route.

Community Member

Re: vlans still showing shutdown

The switch is connected to a router which. The additional vlan is for a subnet we're extending in the the default vlan subnet.

Cisco Employee

Re: vlans still showing shutdown

The VLAN interface on a 2924 is used just for management(telnet/ping etc). You can create more than one layer 2 VLAN and assign ports to VLANs but can have only one SVI up/up.

Community Member

Re: vlans still showing shutdown

The VLAN 4 which I added is for extension of one of our subnet into the default VLAN1 subnet. On the switch there will only be one device that will have an ip address on the VLAN4 subnet. It will be connected to a port that will have access to VLAN 4.

so how do I do this?

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Re: vlans still showing shutdown

You need to trunk VLAN 1 and 4 from the Router to the switch and configure one port on your switch as a trunk.

Frames cannot pass from one VLAN to another without going through the router.

Community Member

Re: vlans still showing shutdown

my router is a cisco3662 and the switch is 2924 XL. Is this fine?

Re: vlans still showing shutdown


In ur 2924 switch do configure ur port which is connecting to the router as trunk.

by default it enables trunking of all vlans.if u wish u can trunk only vlan1&4.

using the command switchport mode trunk u can make the interface to pass on more than one vlans info.

if u need to allow only the existing vlans then configure switchport trunk allowedvlan 1,4.

to configure the encapsulation of the trunk use switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q..

in your router u need to create subinterface and do create the encapsualtion as dot1q vlanid

encapsulation dot1q 1 and encapsulation dot1q 4 under the sub interfaces of the 3662 router.

do check out whether your current installed in 3662 supports the encapsulation dot1q commands..

before doing all these things would suggest to cehck out whether your layer vlan 4 is active in ur switch ...

if thats not active try to enabled it on the global config of ur switch (thtz on the vlan database)..


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