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Voice Monitoring Across VLANs

I am trying to use the VOIP Monitor server on the CRS platform. I am running into trouble because the Monitor server monitors the IP Phones by MAC address. I can monitor calls if the Monitor server and IP phones are in the same VLAN. We have 350 Phones and I am hesitant to place that many phones in a single vlan. Once the packets hit the router they are encapsulated and the Monitor server loses the ability to monitor the packets by the phones IP Address. Can anyone from Cisco see a way around this or am I out of luck. I have been trying to get an answer to this for quite some time as this is for an implementation going in at the end of the week.


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Re: Voice Monitoring Across VLANs

Might be able to help but need a little more info. What is the exact product you are using for monitoring the IP phones? Please also give me the reference to information that is available about the product.


Re: Voice Monitoring Across VLANs

RSPAN on the switch would do this for you. You can span multiple VLANs to your server. The one caveat is that all VLANs need to be in the same VTP domain.

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