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VOIP routing

Very soon I shall have a site set-up with VOIP. Two 3550 switches will handle user-ports through which passes both voice IP packets and data IP packets. Each user-port will be a "trunk" handling voice packets belonging to one VLAN and subnet; and data traffic belonging to a different VLAN and subnet. All this traffic will "trunked" to/from a router which will send/receive across two WAN links to the rest of the intranet.

My problem is this: I wish to send all voice packets out one of this router's serial interfaces and data packets out the second of this router's serial interfaces; in other words, I do not wish to mix voice and data traffic on a single serial interface, outbound. The routing protocol in use is EIGRP. Is there a way to accomplish this?


Re: VOIP routing

If this is not a requirment, I would leave the traffic take its normal course which ever link is 'available'. IP cef, other methods, can be used to make sure each session takes a given path.

If its a must to bifurcate the traffic, policy routing with Qos check can be utilized. I am not sure if EIGRP can do it as well.


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Re: VOIP routing


Try using extended access lists denying the UDP ports on the data interface, or use a routemap. This will do.



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Re: VOIP routing


is it possible for you to add on a seond lan ethernet port on the router?

if its possible then all you have to do is to extend your vlan and subnet to the port.and route the lan port to your desired serial port. data and voice are now seperated.


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Re: VOIP routing

EIGRP has nothing to do with Voice and data traffic.As stated above, you can prioritise voice traffic using QoS with policy routing. Also using a dedicated WAN connection for voice is not economical as voice traffic is intermittent and not utilised 24 hours a day.

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