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Vpn and Routing Senario

I have a 827 establishing a VPN connection to a PIX501 at a remote site.

I want to be able to set up a redundant link from the site with the 827 (SITE A)to the site with the PIX 501 (SITE B).

I have two modem routers, one for each site, which I intend to use to accomplish this.

The problem that I have is that I wish the process to be automated as much as possible.

I thought that I could use some form of floating static route on the 827 to achieve this.

The ultimate goal is to have the modem routers used when the DSl link goes down and then have it automatically switch back when the DSL/VPN link comes back up.

Can this be done?



Re: Vpn and Routing Senario

You could create a crypto map with two instances (10 and 20). One should use the peer IP via DSL, while the other should use the peer IP via backup link. By adjusting SA life times, you can switchover from one to another. You will also need to add a floating static route (default route) (one using the primary link and the other using the back up link)

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Re: Vpn and Routing Senario

Unfortunately the modem routers are only 56K so I can not afford the overhead of a vpn tunnel.

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