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VPN Connections

Thanks for the information provided.

I would appreciate if anyone could clarify? The scenario is like this...

We have two customers, one in US and another in UK. We have Cisco 3005 VPN concentrator.

1. Can we establish VPN Tunnel to both the customers simultaneously?

2. In the "Cisco 3005 VPN concentrator" brochure, the no of max sessions that it supports is 100. Does this mean,in above situation, both the tunnels put together supports 100 simultaneous sessions?(user connections).

3. If answer to #1 is yes. Does this mean it supports 100 tunnels with 1 session each simultaneously?

Thanks and Regards,


Community Member

Re: VPN Connections

Hi Sri,

1. Yes you can establish consecutive tunnels

2. The "session" you refer to is usually regarded as remote access IKE sessions of which the 3005 can support up to 100. What I think you need is site-to-site tunnels. This is also 100. As you go up the the hardware range, this changes. i.e 3060 5000 sessions and 1000 site-to-site tunnels

3. Don't get confused over the "user session". In the case of the concentrator a session is a remote access IKE session.

If you need your conc. to support both remote access and site-to-site, subtract the site-to-site tunnel count from the remote access session capability



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