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VRF not work


We have cat3550 12.1(19)EA1a and we want to setup VRF in next scheme:



r2600 is a exit point of all tunnels and is a point of connection VRF and global routing.

There are two subnets,which we want to connect each other and connect these subnets to the rest net.

we are using two tunnels to 2600 router and VRF

that are a VRF and EIGRP parts from our config:

ip vrf MMM

rd 1016:247

interface Tunnel1

ip vrf forwarding MMM

ip unnumbered Vlan247

tunnel source Loopback0

tunnel destination


interface Vlan247

ip vrf forwarding MMM

ip address

no ip redirects

router eigrp 1016






no auto-summary

eigrp router-id

no eigrp log-neighbor-changes

ip route

ip route 2

ip route vrf MMM Tunnel1

ip route vrf MMM Tunnel1

where - another subnet in VRF

All nodes from cat3550 in vlan247 must go to inside nodes using VRF and tunnel, all others using usual routing (EIGRP).

So,we want to access mail server, which is located in inside net (not VRF), but not successfull.

As I see all packets from node in VLAN247 are go straight on to server (not via tunnel),and back packets go via PIX (because there are no subnets and in EIGRP routing, and PIX is a default routing point)

and I see PIX log message like this:

Deny tcp src inside: dst dmz: by access-group "acl_inside"

(permit clause is from DMZ to INSIDE zone, not vice versa)

However when i do

telnet 110 /vrf MMM

from cat3550

it works fine!

and I see that packets go correctly via tunnel and then via PIX to server.

Accessing between subnets and is fine too! (why???)

I tried set

ip route vrf MMM Tunnel1

but no effect.

What I do wrong? Why does it not work?

I hope I explain clearly.


Community Member

Re: VRF not work

I found that VRF work correctly when and only when destination host not in global routing (EIGRP in my case). But this happen with ip of nodes within VLAN, ip address of VLAN on cisco is access correctly anytime.

Why? Does anybody knows it?

help me,please!

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