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VSAT SATCOM Dial-on-demand - help

I have an Inmarsat-B with satellite service on a ship. Do you know how I can set-up dial-on-demand with a 2500-series router? The current system required a line card that is no longer available from the manufacturer....Now we have to use a RS232 connection to the Inmarsat device (

Also, it would be nice if we could initiate a session from the land to the ship. Since the Inmarsat is the only device that can handle data transfer (there are no other modems etc.) can I accomplish this?

Any ideas?


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Re: VSAT SATCOM Dial-on-demand - help

A simple "there is no way to this" would be good enough.

Does anyone have any input?


Re: VSAT SATCOM Dial-on-demand - help

I believe it's doable ....BUT:

The serial interfaces on most 2500s are synchronous only. I'm pretty sure the InnMarSat terminals will not handle sync traffic.

About your only shot at it with the equipment you have would be to use the "Aux" port. You'll (probably) need a Cisco flat console cable with the 25pin adapter head to connect to the InnMarSat terminal. The drawback is that the Aux port is speed restricted to (i think) ~38400.......

Other than that, I believe you can use the Aux port for dial-on-demand, snapshot, whatever ...

Unless your Sat terminal looks like a modem (or can raise DTR and/or signal "Ring") I don't think there's any way to catch inbound data traffic.

Good Luck


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