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New Member

VTP and VLAN on Cisco 5500

Hi all

I have before 2950 Switch with VTP Trunking

and mapping with router with VLAN

example in 2950

interface FastEthernet0/24

description TRUNK

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,45

switchport mode trunk

no cdp enable

interface FastEthernet0/23

switchport access vlan 45

no cdp enable

Now i got Cisco 5500 Switch with

4 Blades all are 10/100 ports

now i want to use one blade for LAN

another Blade replace with Above 2950 config

trunk with Cisck router dotq setup

how can i make this setup

could one help me some docs or any asistance




Re: VTP and VLAN on Cisco 5500

Hi Ram,

Your 5500 is chasis based switch and must be running Cat OS on that. Do a show mod on this and you will come to know tha diff modules installed in the slots. You are using an external router as described above for inter-vlan routing.What you need to do is get to the particular port taht you want to config a trunk and have the trunk setup on your router with sub-interfaces too.

for example, if you are connecting to 3/1 i.e 3rd module and 1st port on that then

set the trunk using the command

set trunk 3/1 on dot1q

allowing the vlans on the trunk

clear trunk 3/1 2-44,46-1000

Please go through the link below for detailed description.


-amit singh

New Member

Re: VTP and VLAN on Cisco 5500


you have to be carefull with the Cat5K, because not all modules understand the DOT1Q Trunking, some only support ISL. So befor you start connecting the boxes together you should verify the port capabilites by using the "show port capability" command. Then the rest is a amit-singh described.

Best regards


PS: I have around 100 Cat5K still running, some of them without a reboot for 4 and more years, they are great machines, unfortunately without inline power :-)

New Member

Re: VTP and VLAN on Cisco 5500

ya.. i checked your command

its show below results

Core-Switch> (enable) show port capabilities 4/1

Model WS-X5234

Port 4/1

Type 10/100BaseTX

Speed auto,10,100

Duplex half,full

Trunk encap type 802.1Q,ISL

Trunk mode on,off,desirable,auto,nonegotiate

Channel 4/1-2,4/1-4

Broadcast suppression percentage(0-100)

Flow control receive-(off,on),send-(off,on)

Security yes

Membership static,dynamic

Fast start yes

QOS scheduling rx-(none),tx-(1q4t)

CoS rewrite yes

ToS rewrite IP-Precedence

Rewrite no

UDLD yes

AuxiliaryVlan 1..1000,untagged,dot1p,none

SPAN source,destination

New Member

Re: VTP and VLAN on Cisco 5500

Hi Amit

thanks for the reply

i understand what you said

as per u said, i did the 3/1 port trunk dot1q

when u give this command

clear trunk 3/1 2-44,46-1000

that means in this trunk you are allowing only vlan 45 is that right ??

ok if that is correct

then i have allowed some default VLAN 20, 30-50

port 4/1 ( mysetup) with trunk configured

connected to Cisco Router

port 4/2 VLAN 30 -- connected to My PC

show port trunk 4/2

Port Vlans allowed on trunk

-------- ------------------------

4/2 1-1005

Port Vlans allowed and active in management domain

-------- ---------------------------

4/2 30

if the above setup what i done correct

why this show 1-1005 still ??