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VTP Configuration Revision-Possible hidden cmd to manually enter??

Does anyone know of a hidden command or anything else to manually set or set the starting revision number on a VTP server? This would be to prevent future VTP client addtions with high revision numbers from taking over VLAN database propagation. Looking to set our core switches to an abnormally high revision w/o having to vlan data/apply/exit over and over again to manually bump up the rev. Looking to set it to 6000 or something to avoid client switches added with a rev higher or two that will take over VLAN data.


Re: VTP Configuration Revision-Possible hidden cmd to manually e

Not as far as I know - It should be quite easy to write a file in notepad where you add and delete a VLAN many times to make the revision number higher.

Why not move away from VTP and use Transparent Mode - that way the potential for a VTP VLAN 'wipe' is removed.


Re: VTP Configuration Revision-Possible hidden cmd to manually e


just an idea

there is an SNMP value



containing the VTP rev. number.

What about to try to set it to higher number?

(I didn't dare to play with it in my production network, but you could try in your lab first.)



Re: VTP Configuration Revision-Possible hidden cmd to manually e

The real problem is if you take a switch that was on your network off, play with it offline and increment your revision number so its higher and then add it back in, you have the same problem. Artificially setting it high doesn't do much for you...

You can reset it by changing the switch to transparent mode and then back again, but the minute you join it to the network it will match its database and rev # with the current network.

VTP version 3 gets around this problem by allowing you to have a "master" server that you declare and no other switch can take that over. However, I believe its only supported on Cat 6000's running CatOS 8.X right now. I could be wrong though, haven't checked on it lately...

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