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VTP domain name change

we have a number of campus LANs that for historical reasons, all have the same VTP domain name (even though they are seperate domains).

we'd like to change the domain names so that they are unique throughout the network. is the correct method of acheiving this:-

1 change VTP server to Transparent Mode

2 change VTP domain on 'server' to new domain

3 change all Client switches on campus to Transparent mode and change domain name to new one. change mode back to Client and then restart.

any advice appreciated




Re: VTP domain name change

hi andy...

i think you have to go for change of domain name and let the BPDU to travel through all the switch so all client switch will synchronise with that server...

if you make all the switch in transperent mode and then you will change the domain of the server then no switch will synchronise the database with the server switch...

but wait for the other expert we can have proper solution..

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Re: VTP domain name change

Hi Andy,

I believe you have 2 VTP servers in your network with different VTP domain names and both VTP servers are playing role seperately for their VTP domains? Correct me if I am wrong?

If I am right you can go ahead with your plan and change your one VTP server which you waan sync with your other VTP server to transparent mode and then chage the VTP domain name then change it back to server mode so that you can also have 2 VTP servers in same VTP domain for any emmergency.

Talking about clients you can follow the same procedure as changing from client to transparent, then change the domain name and then back to client and you need not reload your switches.

Also remember while doing all these when you move your one VTP server and clients to different VTP domain name the VLAN information will get override by VLAN information persisting on your other VTP server and if this is what you want just go ahead.

Devang I did not undersood your BPDU stuff in this context can you please throw more light on the same.



Re: VTP domain name change

thanks Ankur

we have a small campus LAN that i can try this out on. thanks for the advice


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Re: VTP domain name change

Hi Andy,

Both the methods described by Devang and Ankur would work. The updates would automatically happens once you make the changes. But it would be safer and better to follow the way Ankur has specified.



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