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VTP issue

I have two networks connected through routers, now I am going to take off the routers and connect the networks through 5500 Gigabits Interfaces, One of the location is our headquarter and the other a Branch Office, I have one problem:

I do not want to change all the IP asignations at the branch office, and I also have 11 VLANs at the branch office and both VTPs Domains are differents, there are about 30 VLANs at the main office and some of them have the same name, but different VLAN id, than the VLANs at the Branch office, I am planning to do this, before connecting the networks:

1. Create all the VLANs at the main office with the same VLAN id but with different name, now I will have 41 VLANs.

2. In my 5509 Routing Card create all the VLANs of the Branch office with the same IP address allocation.

3. Make the VTPs domain the Same

4. Make all the Switch at the branch office to be VTP Clients.

5. Connect the Networks and wait for the VTP to do his job.

6. At the 5509 Routing Card make the Interfaces of the branch office VLAN up.

7. Turn off the routers at the branch office.

I hope that following these steps everything will be o.k, is that true?, is anything else that I must do? I am not sure is the connection of one user is affected by changing the name of the VLAN wich he is connected.


Re: VTP issue

Looks good, just don't forget:

ad 1. the VLAN names on the Branch Office office will be changed finally (some systems might use them, VMPS, e.g.)

ad 3. I suppose you'll change VTP domain name on all Branch Office switches. It will change the revision number to zero on them, so step 4. is not absolutely necessary (but it's better to know where is it possible to change the VLAN configuration from).

ad 5. I understand this means bypassing the current routers?

I think this plan should work OK.

But I would test it "on the table" with one small router and switch simulating the branch office before starting it in production network, anyway.



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Re: VTP issue

I made the test with two Switches and It worked, you can override the Vlan.dat of a 2900 with new Vlans name but with the Same VLAN id that they had before the Change and the port associations continue you even notice, I have one ICMP ping Running betwen two PCs and I even lost one package.



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