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vtp modes on 2924M-XL switches

Hello all, I have a pretty simple question about vtp. I have not implemented any VLAN's but I do have many 2900's out in the production network. I have recently found out that most if not all of them are still in vtp "server" mode. I am planning to deploy 2 4006's into the core running vtp v2, a vtp domain name and 1 of those 4006's will be the vtp "server". To get prepared for this addition my question is simple. Should I telnet everywhere on my LAN and change all my 2924's to vtp "client" leaving the domain name alone for now? If I do that will that affect any of my local area traffic? I know it won't bump up the revision number unless I change the domain name, and I don't plan to do that. Here is a sample from one of my 2924's.

CCW-BADO-CSW#show vtp stat

VTP Version : 2

Configuration Revision : 0

Maximum VLANs supported locally : 254

Number of existing VLANs : 5

VTP Operating Mode : Client

VTP Domain Name :

VTP Pruning Mode : Disabled

VTP V2 Mode : Disabled

VTP Traps Generation : Disabled

MD5 digest : 0xBF 0x86 0x94 0x45 0xFC 0xDF 0xB5 0x70

Configuration last modified by at 0-0-00 00:00:00


Cisco Employee

Re: vtp modes on 2924M-XL switches

You can change them to the client mode or transparent mode without any issues. But before you introduce the new switches, make sure it's config-revision is lesser than the current server

Here is our best practices on VTP

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