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VTP Pruning over jealous - 2924/3524

I am having problems with vtp pruning. I have a network of 1924's (9.00.04), 2924XL/3524/3508's (XU & XW).

It seems that sometimes a switch will forget to ask for vlans from its parent. If all the hosts are switched off (e.g. at night), the next morning, their vlan on the trunk stays pruned. Even resetting the parent switch or shut/no shut the link from the parent makes no difference. The access switch needs a restart/link shut/no shut, to get the vlan flowing again.

Does not affect the 1924's, and I've seen it between the 3524 and the 3508's too, but mainly 2924XL's.

Anyone seen this problem?

New Member

Re: VTP Pruning over jealous - 2924/3524

Are you using automatic pruning? There is a bug (CSCdv59215) for the 3500 series. The switch stops forwarding traffic on some Vlans. I've also noticed on some switches the Vlan gets pruned. Recommended to use manual prunning till bug is fixed.

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Re: VTP Pruning over jealous - 2924/3524

Yes, Automatic, as vtp pruning is enabled in the vtp domain. Re: CSCdv59215, I've not noticed it on gigabit interfaces, only on fast ether. I'm also running XW, not WC(1). Although, I seem to have the problem more often in a specific group of switchs, and a couple of them are WC(3), but not the 3524, it's using Xw

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