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WAE Issues

Dear ,

I have two sites connected through MPLS cloud.Site A to MPLS cloud is 10 Mb Link,Site B to MPLS 100 Mb Link.At Side A  Cisco WAE is installed,and site B WAE and WAAS (Central Manager) is connected.

There are servers like Fileserver and ACS servers are placed at Side B.Now WAE is compressing and decompressing between Side A and Side B and vise versa.

It was working fine.No configuration changes made.But all of a sudden from Side A to Side B the services are not working.Like, From side A trying to access the ACS server through RDP is not working.It is hanging.At the same time ICMP ping is perfect,no drop,then telnet with 3389 is connecting,meantime Netstat -an shows clearly the 3389 is established.

But RDP is not working,I am not able to open the Fileserver to download and upload (Copying).

For time being I have disconnected the WAE at site A.Now without WAE it is working fine.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thansk and Regards,


Cisco Employee

Re: WAE Issues

Sounds like MSS issue. You might want to lower the MSS value: "ip tcp adjust-mss 1300" or lower value.

Cisco Employee

Re: WAE Issues

Sure, with WAE, it adds extra TCP option and that increase the packet size, and typically the overall packet is more than 1500 bytes, therefore, the connectivity fails. If we lower the MTU MSS negotiated, the overall packet after the option addition will be no more than 1500 bytes, and will pass through the network just fine. Ethernet MTU is normally 1500 bytes.

Hope that answers your question.

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