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WAN Addition

I have a few questions about wan design and I wanted to get some info about what equipment I'll need to accomplish my goals. Currently, our network is comprised of the ideal Cisco model, core 6509's, dist 6009's, and access 4006's with 2 7513's supporting our frame-relay wan. We are adding a site and would like to connect it to our 7513 via a ds-3. We have the PA-T3 modules in our 7513 and I want to connect our new site via our frame-relay network. My question is, what kind of router do I need at our remote site to run a ds-3 over frame. I did some reading and I gathered that I can run a 3640 with a DS3 over ATM, but not Frame-Relay. True, or can I run it over frame relay with a PA on the 3640 like our 7513's? If I cant accomplish this, what is the lowest end router I can do it with. 7200? Thanks and info would be appreciated.

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Re: WAN Addition

I have ran a very similar setup in the past, but instead of the port adapter in our 7500s, I had two separate 3640 connecting the two buildings via a full T-3 running frame-relay. I used the HSSI module on each router with a Kentrox IDSU on each site. It work beautifully except that depending on how high the traffic was, the CPU utilization would run as high as 72% (peak) which was kind of scary, but this was only a 3 month window for us until we moved to the new building and disconnected the T-3 link.

but I would definitely go with a 3640 minimum, with plenty of memory. If your company has a little bit more cash, I would go with the 3660 or a small 7204 would be even better. Hope this helps!

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