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WAN connectivity

What is the best method in connecting two networks together when the other location is located only a 10 miles away? Please advice!!

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Re: WAN connectivity

There are several ways to accomplish this.

Before moving forward with this you may want to consider what type of traffic and what are the traffic patterns you will be working with. Characterizing the traffic and future traffic will better allow for getting the correct network connection.

First the most common way would be to get a DS0 (t1) connection between the two offices (no internet). This would be administered by an ISP provider and is the easiest way to get things going. The ups are easy installation along with easy administration. Downturn is that it can get expensive and you are at the mercy of the ISP for connectivity. (ie they go down you go down)

Another means since these offices are 10 miles apart is a private wireless network. If the office plans to be around for a while you may get a turn on investment with your own wireless network which IT can administer. The initial expense will be big but in time this will pay for itself.

And lastly since im not sure of what traffic and how much BW you need a VPN through the internet can provide you with the internet access you need and the private conectivity you desire. I would not suggest this if you have high traffic polling and data transfers. If you have server on both sides of this then you would reduce traffic leaving the local site and therefore use the VPN for site replication of the app info.

From practical experience if the data traffic is not too great and its a small company traditionally most customer go with a VPN solution.

Best Regards,

Paul Aquino


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