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WAN Emulation

I'm looking for how to docs on setting up two routers connected by serial port to simulate a WAN environment for a problem repro. I've got two 2916/2924 XL switch clusters and two 2415 routers and I need them seperated by a simulated WAN.

Anyone seen any? I sear I saw some info on doing this on this site but I cannot find it now. I'm assuming I'll need a DB60 to DB60 cable but have yet to locate anything like that yet.



Re: WAN Emulation

I think you have two 2514, rather than a 2415.

Yeah you would need a db60 to db60 connector. You can order some at or at Ebay.

You can connect each switch on to the ethernet port of the 2514 and connect the back to back serial cable between the 2 router's serial ports. Say s0 to s0.

Also you need to set the clock rate at the DCE end of the cable.

int s0

clock rate 56000

would work.

To find the DCE end, either check the cable, mostly it should be tagged. If its not, Get inside each router, give a "show controllers serial 0"

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