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WAN Router (3620) to LAN (6509) core switch best practice?

Please help me with your recommendations... I'm trying to obtain a "best practice" process when connecting a 3620 to a 6509 (no MSFC's). The 3620 has the following spec's:

3620 64Mb RAM, 32MB Flash

-2FE2W module

-BRI WIC for ISDN backup

-WIC1T WIC serial mod.

6509 Spec's:

6509 Chasis, Dual pwr supplies,


-48-port 10/100 RJ-45 Blade (Qty=4)

-8-port GEth blade

-IDS blade

-NAM blade

With these two boxes, would it be a "best practice" to connect to the core switch using both Fastethernet interfaces on the router? How can I do this to achieve redundancy in the event of one link failing? Is it better to just use a single Fastethernet link between the two? What would you do?


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Re: WAN Router (3620) to LAN (6509) core switch best practice?


You can connect 2 FE links from 3620 to Cat6509, you can then assign "portvlanpri" for each these ports on the switch so that the load on line is distributed over the two, and in case one line fails, the traffic on that link would anyway switch to the other link.

I guess i got you correct, You mean to do Vlan routing on 3620 .

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Re: WAN Router (3620) to LAN (6509) core switch best practice?

Thanks for the response. Yes, I'll be doing vlan routing on the 3620 but I'm not sure how to make use of the second fasteth interface on the router. Since I can't assign the same vlan to both interfaces, should one link fail how will the other interface pick up the traffic from the vlans assigned to the failed interface? Sorry if this is a remedial question, I'm just curious if anyone has a similar situation and how they achieve using both interfaces for redundancy....thanks much. Hope to hear from you.

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