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WAN timeout

I have 2 2600 routers, one running IOS 12.07T Firewall software and the other 12.07T. I have to locations connected via a T1 connection through an Adtran 120 CSU/DSU on both sides. I have users(the location running 12.07T) running an application using terminal emulation software(utilizing telnet) to connect to a Unix box in the other location. My problem is, that anytime there is inactivity for about 30-60 minutes, the application timeouts and gets disconnected. This is liveable but annoying for the users. I have tried changing the session timeout to 300 minutes including the timeout for telnet, but it still timeouts around 30-60 minutes of inactivity, but never when there is activity.

Could it be the way the firewall is set up? Can anyone give me a push in the right direction on what possibly to check?



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Re: WAN timeout

since you are using firewall ios, that is most likely the problem. checke the following possibilities:

- time out on unix box;

- time out of tcp connections:

ip inspect tcp idle-time

ip inspect name myfw tcp timeout

please let me know the results.



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Re: WAN timeout

Can someone give me a hand. I have the exactly the same problem as describe above. My application is some sore of java terminal emulation sofware that connect to HP 3000 (unix) box over the internet. After exactly 3 min of inactivity the session is terminated. I do not have any of the firewall features enable is only routing. The sofware company tells me that the application does not have a timer built in. And my client tells me that the timers are ok inside the unix box.

Can someone please advise.


J barrera

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