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What are all compenents needed for a 100Base-T network(hardware & Softwar)?

I am a student at Metro and need to find out what components are needed to set up a 100Base-T network, including all the software and hardware. ( it will include 10 microcomps, 1 file server, 1 printer server). i am limited to eight-port devices. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


Re: What are all compenents needed for a 100Base-T network(hardw

you have 10 computers, 1 file server + a printer server, which would need, 12 ports to network them. What do u mean by eight port limitation ? Do you have a hub or switch with only 8 ports ??

12 devices cannot be connected to a 8 port device, unless you additionally use another device( hub or switch) with atleast 8 ports. YOu will need 12 cables (Cat 5 or 5e ). Cat 5 has a distance limitation of 100 m or 328 feet. All devices would need a 100 Mbps NIC (ethernet card). Driver softwares for these NICS would be available along with the NIC, when you purchase them.

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Re: What are all compenents needed for a 100Base-T network(hardw

Sice you want to set up a network for 12 systems including your file server and print server.

firstly you have to get a device which have more than eight port or you buy another device that is eight port and you link the two together using cross cable. LAso you need NIC cards or 100Mb. Each of the cards will come with their driver software. you will need a cat5 cable,RJ45 connectors.

You can also configure the network using private ipaddress .make all the clients to use the servers ipadress as a gateway.

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