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What could be wrong?

I have a cat 6509 switch with a MSFC card. I created a test interface on the 'RouterX' (MSFC) called vlan7. The ip address of the interface is

Then I configured one of the free ports on the switch 7/33 to be in vlan 7.

I put in a computer (call it 'Test') at the port 7/33 with ip and default gateway as i.e the 'RouterX'.

Now I can ping and telnet into the 'RouterX' (MSFC) from the computer 'test' but can not ping or telnet the switch or the pix firewall to which the switch connects.

The 'RouterX' already has 4 other interfaces vlan 80, vlan81,vlan89 and vlan253 adn I can ping the computer 'Test' in vlan 7 from a computer in vlan253

The default gateway for the 'RouterX' is teh inside interface of the PIX.

What could be wrong or missing?


Re: What could be wrong?

It sounds like routing tables..............

The new network you added (, do the devices you are trying to reach have a route back to this network? or are they relying on a default route? If its a default route what is it? - is it a VLAN interface on the MSFC or is it the PIX? I am guessing here but if its the PIX, does the PIX have a route back to network


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