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What does this error mean please ?

I have a Cisco 2948 runnig software cat4000.4-5-2.bin.

I have just setup 3 vlans, and now I am getting the following error messages in the logging buffer..

%SPANTREE-3-PORTDEL_FAILNOTFOUND:2/34 in vlan 2 not found (PAgP_Group_Rx)

I have tried the error message decoder but could not find?


Re: What does this error mean please ?

SPANTREE-3-PORTDEL_FAILNOTFOUND message will be printed anytime when spantree receives a message from PAGP code to remove a port from the spantree data structure which was never part of the spantree before. That means this port could have been either manually disabled by the user or could have been in the not-connected state. Just as with the PAgP messages, this is meant as informational only.

While annoying, it should not have adverse affects on switch operation or functionality. These messages will appear regardless of whether port channeling is enabled on the port:

These messages are not logged unless you have changed the default "SPANTREE" facility logging configuration (the default logging level for "SPANTREE" is 2).

If you are seeing an excessive number of these messages (for example, if your switch console is being flooded with these messages), consider upgrading the switch software to the latest maintenance release for your software release train. Later software releases suppress these messages in most cases.

In newer codes the level of this message has been changed from 3 to 5.

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