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What is best way to handle IPX and Appletalk broadcasts in layer 3 network

Along with 1000 Windows based machines, I have 5 Novell servers and 50 older Mac's. What capabilities of the MSFC2 can be used to control these broadcasts?


Re: What is best way to handle IPX and Appletalk broadcasts in l

MSFC2 has a feature called broadcast suppression to control the broadcasts.

Broadcast Suppression prevents switched ports on a LAN from being disrupted by a broadcast storm on one of the ports. A LAN broadcast storm occurs when broadcast or multicast packets flood the LAN, creating excessive traffic and degrading network performance. Broadcast suppression uses filtering that measures broadcast activity on a LAN over a one second time and is implemented in hardware. The suppression circuitry on a line card monitors packets passing from a port to the switching bus using the Group/Individual bit in a frame. It keeps track of the current count of broadcasts within the one-second-time interval, and when the threshold percentage is reached, filters out subsequent broadcast packets.

You can also use helper addresses to control broadcasts in an IPX network and Appletalk network.

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