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New Member

What is errdisable recovery cause udld ?

Can someone explain this ?

My IOS version is 12.1<11>EA1 Release (fc1)....

This I guess could solve my problem of link being shutdown by uneffective UDLD - STP configuration...

Many Thanks


Cisco Employee

Re: What is errdisable recovery cause udld ?

Your question is not very clear. Can you re post your question

New Member

Re: What is errdisable recovery cause udld ?

Yes sorry:

I have 2 CISCO 3550 - 10 2950 (doble star). Linked by 100FX.

It happens (at random) at some links are lost.

A port on the 3550 change to "ErrDisable" state.

Doing a no shutdown on the interface brings the link back up and running.

I saw that on

"When a secure port is in the error-disabled state, you can bring it out of this state by entering the errdisable recovery cause psecure-violation global configuration command, or you can manually re-enable it by entering the shutdown and no shutdown interface configuration commands."

And I was wondering if the errdisable recovery cause will put back automatically my port in UP state ? And I would like to understand too why it becomes in this ErrDisable state ?

(STP is running, UDLD agressive mode too)

Can it be misconfiguration of trunk ports ?

Many Thanks

New Member

Re: What is errdisable recovery cause udld ?


in general, ErrDisable can due to :

1) Loop

2) Defective Hardware

3) Bug

4) Others?

I recently meet twice times at the customer ErrDisable:

- one time it was bug

- another time it was loop + defectives hardware

I interpret it ErrDisable like a disfunction on the network and

I think it's not good idea to use recovery function.

I think you can do that :

1) Upgrade all your network with the last IOS.

2) Verify if there is no bug associated.

3) Verify your topology network / topology change / last change.

4) If the probleme persist, try to not use UDLD on your network and


4) Verify your Hardware :

- switches

- fiber (!)

- gbic

- tranceivers if you use it

- connectivities

Good luck.

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