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New Member

what is the PCA of GSR12008?

This is the sample of "show diag" output of GSR12008.If you write the serial number of the Route Processor,which serial number you will choose?it's s/n of PCA,or of MBUS,and what are PCA and MBUS.Thx!

SLOT 0 (RP/LC 0 ): Route Processor

MAIN: type 19, 800-2427-02 rev C0 dev 0

HW config: 0x00 SW key: FF-FF-FF

PCA: 73-2170-06 rev B0 ver 5

HW version 1.5 S/N CAB0432BDT6

MBUS: MBUS Agent (1) 73-2146-07 rev B0 dev 0

HW version 1.2 S/N CAB0432BIF3

Test hist: 0xFF RMA#: FF-FF-FF RMA hist: 0xFF

DIAG: Test count: 0xFFFFFFFF Test results: 0xFFFFFFFF

MBUS Agent Software version 01.43 (RAM) (ROM version is 02.06)

Using CAN Bus A

ROM Monitor version 180

Primary clock is CSC 1

Board is analyzed

Board State is IOS Running (PRI RP )

Insertion time: 00:00:02 (24w5d ago)


Re: what is the PCA of GSR12008?


The MBUS is a maintenance bus which connects to all LC's and runs diagnoses and provides the +5V to each LC which then executes the MROM code to load up the IOS on the LC's.

As for the Serial Number use the one under the PCA (Printed Circuit Assembley) AKA PCB as this is basically the actual S/N programmed into a EEPROM on the PCB during manufacturing.

Another way of verifying this is to issue a sh redundancy all, which should look like this.

Primary GRP in slot 8: substate = p_redundant

Secondary GRP in slot 1:

Choice of primary due to arbitration judgement of this GRP

no other GRP

Preferred GRP: 9

Allowed GRPs: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Chassis holds: chassis s/n 66300963 config stamp 419

Local GRP holds: chassis s/n 66300963 config stamp 419

Information from last arbitration period:

GRP Slot 1: chassis s/n 66300963 config stamp 418

IOS arb ver 2 date 1998-10-01

Mem size 128M GRP s/n CAB0147001B <------ This is the GRP Serial No.

GRP Slot 8: chassis s/n 66300963 config stamp 418

IOS 11.2 redundancy v3 date 1998-10-01

Mem size 32M GRP s/n 04496038

known: 1 8

preferred: 9

compatible 1 8

chassis_match: 1 8

cfg_stamp_match: 1 8


latest_ios: 1 8

largest_mem: 1

NOTICE Unequal GRP memory sizes: 32M in slot 8, 128M in slot 1

Auto synch: startup-config


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