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What kind of cable ?

I got a AS2509-RJ which was used to dial-in access. There is 8 rj45 lineports on the back. I would like to use it as access server to access other routers and switches on respective console ports.

What kind of cable should I use ? Neither strait through nor rollover works.

Thanks for all response.

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Re: What kind of cable ?


I remember your previous posts; I take it that it still is not working correctly. The RJ-45 rollover cable is the right one - how are you trying to connect to the attached devices ? Just to make sure: the ip-address that you should enter is the loopback of the terminal server. not the target router ( in this case)

ip host s3 2003

will connect with

telnet 2003




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Re: What kind of cable ?

My experience:

at the first, i got the 2511 with 2 octec cables. but some of cables doesn't work and the label on it is not correct. it takes me a lots of time to solve it.

so my advice is, ONE time only use ONE cable to test it.

for example, the first one, you can connect to another router's console or aux port, then give a loopback ip to the 2509, like

int loop 0

ip addr


telnet 2001

if it works, then the cable works. if it doesn't work, then try

telnet 2002 or 2003, 2004 ,etc

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Re: What kind of cable ?

Well, I also have one 2509 with octal cable and it is working just fine. However I just can,t get AS2509-RJ to work whatever I do with config. I am wondering if this can have something with DCE and DTE to do since this box was modem-dial-in-ready from factory. It would be very nice if I could fix this thing without having to buy (another one) SmartNet.

Anyway, thanks for all response and I wish you all Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year !!!

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