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New Member

What network design?


I am trying to work out the best equipment, to use for the following network.

Three wireing closets, two joined by fiber (4 core with SC terminations) to the central one.

The "left" one has the DSL line in, and servers around 70 devices, + 1 server.

The "central" one has 5 servers and serves around 50 devices. Each of these servers has dual Gbit NICs.

The "right" one serves around 30 devices.

There is no need for PoE anywhere.

I am thinking the Catalyst Express500 series switches but this would require 2 12-TTs to connect the servers and other switches, and I don't know how would be best to achive that.

Also would it be best to go with one subnet, or three, one for each closit, and use a layer 3 switch in place of the 12-TTs?


Re: What network design?

In my opinion, the cat500 series is a too low-end solution for this application. If I were you, I would rather consider the 2960 and 3560 series. One subnet will just go but when you expect his network to grow, it would be wise to implement vlans right now.



New Member

Re: What network design?

What benifits would the **60 series give me?

If I said that because of the services, all staff need access to the same servers, would you suggest Vlans (of which there would be few useful ones) or seperate subnets for the individual closits?


Re: What network design?

In fact, it really depends on the budget and what is the application requirement, traffic flow, etc. to design a network. It is difficult to base on limited information to design.

It looks like a flat LAN, and you may require to use L2 switch + resiliency connection (SPT enabled). No VLAN, one private class B subnet (e.g. 192.168.x.x/16). The CE500 switch may be good enough for access switch and higher model for distribution (at each closet) and a high model for the core switch to connect to the servers and distribution switch. Reconsider the PoE requirement, you may require it for the IP Phone or wireless device in future.

Please read below doc. for the concept of design a LAN.

Hope this helps.

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